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Templique Solomonici

Knights Templar Clothing Set for Horns of Hattin 2015


White or natural cloth of linen or cotton with under-knee ties.


White or natural cloth of linen or cotton with narrow sleeves and side inlays.


Linen or cotton cloth cut after Thomas Becket’s shirt mid-calve long with narrow sleeves.


Wool cloth of simple color: white, black, or brown.


Sampled after authentic findings or images of XII century ONLY.
NO buckles or laces, or pointed toe-caps for Templar Brothers. In addition, 

EVERYONE NEED PATTENS otherwise you won’t be able to reach the Horns of Hattin.


Separated with the hood. Lined with black cotton or linen. The color of the habit itself is white for a knight and brown or black for a sergeant. No cross. Sleeves should be narrow at the wrists.


Any available authentic sample for XII century featuring short tail; might include inlays; black, gray or brown in color. Lined with linen or cotton of white, black, red, or brown color.



Mantle type with ties only lined with cotton or linen. Knights wear a white cloak, sergeants – a black one. Left side shows a Latin Palmetto cross 20*20 centimeter big.



Helm Pad: 

Padded Coif or padded leather cap are the only helm pads allowed. The color of the coif should be white, black, brown or natural.


Chainmail made of butted, riveted or riveted and solid rings is allowed. Knights and Sergeant should wear a knee-length full hauberk. Haubergeon with a separate coif and chainmail gauntlets is allowed for the rest of brothers.


Cote d’arms: 

Made of wool or cloth lined with linen or cotton; white for the knights and brown/black for sergeants with a Latin cross of 12*12 cm on the left side below the heart.


Chainmail chausses: 

Made of butted, riveted or riveted and solid rings. Knight’s chausses are full length with no sole while sergeant’s ones are with back foot lacing & can feature no foot.



You will need chainmail chausses if you are going to ride during the entire march.



Remakes of authentic samples or images of XII century ONLY. Types Х-ХI or ХIa and Xll by Oakeshott. Authentic XII century sampled axes are accepted as well.



Your shield should be authentic for XII century like falcon shield, measuring 90 cm or more. The shield can be made of plywood or planks and faced with leather without rants. Each shield must feature a shoulder strap and a cushion. The coloring is divided into white (top one third of the shield) and black (bottom two third of the shield) with a red Latin cross on the top third of it.



Seamless or segmented nasal helms, spangenhelms, pot helmets with mask or nasal plate, vashelms , early pot helmets and Рhrygian helmets without a rear plate, or cerveillers authentic for XII century.



Headwear is ESSENTIAL for all brothers due to the extremely hot weather!!
Choose a lined round flat felt cap (it’s white for the knights or black/brown for sergeants) or white cotton head wrap (you’ll need 6 to 8 meters of fabric for the wrap). Coif can be made of white or natural color linen (two halves sewed together).

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