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Baggage Train:

Currently we cannot afford a baggage train as it had to be at those times because:

1. We don’t have pack horses or authentic carts.  Trying to acquire such would make march participation much more expensive.

2. Landscape change: Some sections of the ancient Roman road are covered by the modern highway. We can not move along the highway – it is especially problematic for the horses. Therefore, we change to the Southern slopes of Toraan’s valley and proceed with pathways alongside the forest. Some of those pathways don’t allow for animal traction. This is one more reason why we don’t use it now – but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t ever. We keep working on it…

We do not carry tents or kitchens with us; all those things would belong to the baggage train if we had one. We are a marching army and we carry only the things that are to be carried along according to the war statute.  We you want to last to the final station – don’t take anything in excess! The baggage train and its service team move separately and… Lo and behold! Here they are in the next camp.


Personal vehicles:

Cars are a burden which troubles our march so much. Starting this year, the number of personal vehicles on the march is limited. We no longer move a large car caravan every morning waiting for the drivers to get ready to march. The cars number shall not exceed the number of drivers one car can sit which means 4 or 5. Some of the vehicles will be at baggage team’s disposal. Two cars will be on alert for emergency cases (e.g., heat strokes, evacuation etc.).

The park of personal vehicles (up to five cars) will be moved from Tzippori to the next camping place at Golani Junction on the night before the event start. Starting from the morning, all hands are to the take-off preparation.

To all car owners, we recommend to leave their cars at one of the meeting points and move to our bus. We are strongly against the situation where someone needs to pick up people from parking lots.


The bus:

We arranged a bus service to collect all the participants and to move them to the starting point together. We will provide several meeting points throughout the country where you will be able to hop on the bus and load your equipment in. The bus stays with us for three days.  Thursday morning, it takes us to the starting point; on Friday morning, it moves a part of the baggage train and team to the next camping point; after the march, it takes us home. For now, the meeting points are: Jerusalem, Petack Tikva. The number of the meeting points and their location depends on the number of participants and their registration requests applied on time. The price for bus included in pruce of Participation Fee.



We can arrange a mount for all the participants on either private or share basis. Please make sure that your equipment fits riding. According to the owner’s request, the mounts move as a group and on WALK pace only. Please do not let the animals get hurt. 


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