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Admission to an event is considered to be received after:

1. Sending photos of civil and combat equipment to E-mail:  and receiving written  confirmation from Alexey Kolchurin. 2. Online registration . 3 Participant's Fee payments .

Participation Fee:

           This is a non commercial event. The organizing team and all supporters are

volunteers. Still, we have to pay for certain outsource technical services. Direct expenses are carried by the participants (including the team) on sharing basis. We try our best to make the project less costly for particupans and more available for our guests but we need to maintain its spirit as well as its meaning. We are trying to engage more donators to ease the load of the participant’s fee and to be able to attract more seeking audience . The fee depends on the number of the participants, time of admissions and the amount of donations.


Participant’s Fee ­2024:


Before 28.06.2024:

100 NIS   for civilians reenactors

For  Combatant's  fee is canceled completely.


Registration after 28.06.2024: 

Civilians reenactors  150 NIS

Combatant reenactors - 50 NIS

People who rent a horse will receive 200 NIS refund.

Equestrian combat participants receive 300 NIS refund

Children aged 12-14: half price

Riders pay additional mount fee.

You can share a mount if you want. Current riding fee for two days is 1300 nis  per mount. The mount will be provided on Thursday  morning and available until Friday afternoon.

The refund will be made within 60 days after the event.

* A Combatant participant is a participant whose combat kit meets the requirements of the project and he participates in the final battle.


The absolute deadline for admissions and registration fee is 01.07.2024

The quality of our project and your comfort as participants depends on how fast we can start preparations. We can do it as soon as we have most registrations done. Please help us make the project great! Hurry up! Do not postpone your registration!



Warning: the mount fee per mount might change in case of short order.


Fee Refunds:

We guarantee refund of 50% in case of admissions cancellation.


The refunds stop two days before the start of the project 


Each participant must provide their photo dressed in historical costume set. Combatants to send two photographs - in the civilian and in the military set.


For non­ Israeli residents, a copy of health insurance must be provided as well.

You should have your insurance police with you as well as your ID.

In addition to individual insurance, riders are covered by additional insurance from the stables.


Polite notice! Please fill the online admissions form thoroughly.

Provided information helps us arrange the project properly. We do not need any mistakes revealed in the field.


All questions about your registration as well as your photos and the copy of your

health insurance please refer to the following email:

Alexey Kolchurin, Tel: +972 542064645,



The payment methods:  

Bank Ha-Poalim  12 694 373672

Mamlehet Jerushalaim

or Bit

Foreigner participants may present a purchased airplane tickets instead and pay the participant's fee on site.

Please notify ALexey Kolchurin after you paid:

WhatsApp/SMS: +972 542064645,


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