Back to the Middle Ages – Reenactment of the 1187 Battle of Hattin

(30.06-2.07, 2021)

Back to the Middle Ages – Reenactment of the 1187 Battle of Hattin

(30.06-2.07, 2021)


IMPORTANT NOTICE! The event will be held in accordance with all the requirements and instructions of the Israeli Ministry of Health at the moment.


The reenactment of one of the most significant battles of the Crusader period, the Battle of Hattin, will take place on its 833nd  anniversary (30.06-2.07, 2021), and include a two-day journey culminating in the reenactment of the battle itself.


Every year, the Regnum Hierosolymitanum group for history reenactment along with other groups from Israel and other countries (Germany, Russia and Ukraine, Poland, Cyprus and the United States), reconstruct the events surrounding the Battle of Hattin in the actual landscape and in conditions similar to those prevailing at the time.


This project is based on significant academic and archaeological research carried out on the battle itself and the location.


The Horns of Hattin march is a living historical event. All attendees actively participate in the reenactment and are assigned to one of two armies: King of Jerusalem Guy de Lusignan or Salah ad-Din. Characters include knights, professional mercenaries, members of the military order, horseback riders, Mamelukes, pilgrims, countrymen, city dwellers, Bedouins, musicians, and others.



Important points to note:

  • The project is non-profit. All participants are volunteers who have contributed to the event.

  • The project takes place as a private initiative of a Israeli historical reenactment group Regnum Hierosolymitanum and reenactors from other countries. The participation is in coordination with the management of the club, which includes the dress code and appropriate equipment.​

  • The battle reconstruction project as it said takes place in Horns of Hattin and is open to the public. At the same time, we are demand to preserve the authenticity of the event and its contents and therefore it is NOT a commercial festival. Direct participation in the project will be permitted only to those who register, and will require a dress-code and equipment according to a predefined standard. However,we - reenactors of the battle sense commitment to the community and the audience and we want to share with the public the existence and content of the event. This enables us to make the history accessible to the public, in combination with important social messages such as an authentic and unmediated connection to the historical and cultural landscape of the Land of Israel, promoting ecotourism, sustain of historical sites and landscape in the Galilee, We will be very pleased to explain, detail and tell the story of the battle and personal story of the historical participants from 800 years ago and also the story of the reenactor fighters in our days.

  • During the historical reconstruction, it will be possible to interview the participants by prior arrangement and only at meeting points with the media and the audience, (those marked with route).

  • To maintain the level of authenticity in the project, you must respect the personal space of project participants and not to penetrate the event without authorization.

Filming is allowed anywhere, but only outside the compound. Care should be taken not to penetrate the camp or the journey without authorization.

The project is a dynamic historical reenactment. You can follow the route of the march by map and locate the participants at various points during the three-day journey, at the stations and in the lodging camps.

The event is not insured and your safety is in your hands. Be sure to bring your headgear and water, and listen to the instructions of the organizers!



About "Regnum Hierosolymitanum":


The Regnum Hierosolymitanum group carries out historical reenactments of significant events that occurred in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, focusing on the second and third quarters of the 12th century, before the destruction of the Kingdom (which followed its defeat at the Battle of Hattin in 1187).


The project organizer Genadiy Nizhnik, is an expert in medieval and biblical archeology and heads the "Kingdom of Jerusalem" group.


During the journey (30.06-2.07, 2021), there will be various stops along the way, near the Zippori spring, inside Hoshaya - in the Kedem village.

During the event, it will be possible to interview the participants by prior arrangement and only at meeting points with the media and the audience, (those marked with route).


Key Times and Points for Visitors, Photographers and Reporters

Journey and the Battle of Hattin 2020

Wednesday,30.06- First day of operation:

The place: Zippori Springs, the first camp. The gathering area of ​​the armies

• 16: 30-18: 30 open hours to visitors. The participants establishing a military camp near a Springs of Tzippori  (Aynot Tzipori). This is the place and the right time to speak with the media and the photographers on the side. 

 We invite the honorable audience to plunge into the Living Medieval History. You will be able to hear the history of the battle, try on armor and learn how to use a knight’s sword or Turkish bow. 

• After 18:30 a closed camp for visitors.

 Thursday, 1.07 - The Beginning of the Journey:

The beginning of the journey; the mission of the Crusaders to reach Tiberias, to break through the siege of the city.

05:30 - 08:30 - Folding of the camp. Order of embarking on the journey, leaving the camp near a spring in Tzippori. It is possible take pictures just from outside the camp. Photographers and journalists are requested not to interfere with the activity.

09:00-09:30 First stop - in the woods near the entrance to the Tzippori national park

10: 30-11:00 Second stop & Station 2 –at  Kedem village located at Hoshaya, where appropriate to meet media and audience.

12:00 Third stop - Route 77 And then, Later on - you can watch the convoy moving east on an ancient Roman road just north of Highway 77. After Kfar Kana, the caravan moves south on a participants walk through the woodlands.

Friday 2,07 .Marching to Horns of Hattin &Last Battle:

From 13:30, you can watch the Crusaders battalion walking to the Western slope of the Horns of Hattin.

14: 00-15:00 - Horns of Hattin – The Last Battle, a suitable spot for photographs and an audience with the media. We invite the honorable audience to plunge into the Living Medieval History.

The two armies strengthen their ranks against each other. Cavalry on both sides begin the battle and at the same time, the infantry puts up a royal tent.


How to get Horns of Hattin:

The Horns of Hattin can be reached by car on Route 77, which connects between the Golani Junction to Tiberias. Between the kilometers 73 and 74 - turn right heading south toward Poria, make a U-turn, returning to Highway 77, turn left back towards the Golani junction and immediately right& then north through a narrow path, the road turns left, right and left againpasses through a group of the eucalyptus treesand ends after a kilometer and a half in the parking plaza foothills of the Horns of Hattin.


For more information:


See web site at

Genadiy Nizhnik - Head of Historical Reenactments Clube



Anna Shtern - Information during the event