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Key times and points for photographers and reporters:


Journey and the Battle of Hattin

(Marking the points appears on the attached map and the map on site)


Wednesday 3/07/2024: Zippori - the first Crusader military camp.

14:00 to 16:00: establishing a military camp near a spring in Tzippori.
16:30-18:30 The camp is open to the public. This is the place and the right time to speak with the media and the photographers on the side.

19:00 - Military training. Participation of all combatants is compulsory.

After 18:30, the camp will be closed to visitors.

19:30 Military Council.

20:00Feast. Night life of the camp. 


Thursday 4/07/2024 - the first day of the journey

  • 05:30 - 08:30 - Folding of the camp. Order of embarking on the journey, leaving the camp near a spring in Tzippori. . It is possible take pictures just from outside the camp. Photographers and journalists are requested not to interfere with the activity.

  • 09:00-09:30 First stop - in the woods near the entrance to the Tzippori national park

  • 10: 30-11: 00 Second stop & Station 2 - Kedem village, where appropriate to meet media and audience.

  • 12:00 Third stop - Route 77 And then, Later on - you can watch the convoy moving east on an ancient Roman road just north of Highway 77. After Kfar Kana, the caravan moves south on a participants walk through the woodlands.

  • 19: 00- Arrival the second camp at Lavi Forest.


It is very important not to disturb & interfere with the participants who arrive exhausted and tired from the journey


Friday 05/07/2024  - the second day of the journey and the Battle of Hattin

  • Starting Point - The second camp: Lavi Forest, the northeast grove of the Golani Junction.

  • 09:00 -09:30 folding camp and prepping for a journey. 

  • 10:00- first stop - near the cemetery of Kibbutz Lavi.

  • 11: 30-12:30 second stop - at the farm of Hashomer Hahadash an observation point with a view.

  • From 13:30, you can watch the Crusaders battalion walking from the Western slope of the Horns of Hattin.

  • 13: 30-14: 30 - Horns of Hattin -The Last Battle - western slope (beyond the entrance gate facing west) This is a suitable site for photographs and audience. This year, the final battle will begin in the penalty area before the entrance to Mount Hattin. In this place, there will be held a cavalry battle and shooting arrows - which might endanger anyone standing nearby - It is very important to keep distance and follow the directions of the security people that will be in charge of this place.

  • After the fight, but already in the shade and under a canopy, meeting with the audience.


Important points to note for photographers and members of the media :


Please note! - Photographers and members of the media are requested not to disturb the convoy during movement, First and foremost for safety reasons - It is frightening the horses and might endanger the cavalry) And secondly it may harm the authenticity of the event.

  • Journalists and photographers have two options to cover the event:

  1. Take pictures from outside in points and times listed above.

  2. Be part of the event - with a personal commitment to the rules and regulations of the event (including appropriate dress code).

  • The project is non-profit. All participants are volunteers who have contributed to the event.

  • The project is a private initiative of a historical reconstruction club. The participation - only with coordination of the management of the club, includes the dress code and appropriate equipment.

  • The initiators of the event feel an obligation to the community and want to show and tell the public about the drama that took place, while also relaying the social messages and lessons from the incident.

  • During the historical reconstruction, it will be possible to interview the participants by prior arrangement and only at meeting points with the media and the audience, (those marked with route).

  • To maintain the level of authenticity in the project, you are requested to respect the space in which the event takes place and not to penetrate the event without authorization.

  • Filming is allowed anywhere, but only outside the compound.  Care should be taken not to penetrate the camp or the journey without authorization.

  • We accentuate the positive involvement of the local authorities and participation in community life.

  • The project is a dynamic historical reenactment. You can follow the route of the march by map (see on the site) and locate the participants at various points during the three-day journey, at the stations and in the lodging camps.

  • Please note - Non-follow directions might endanger the participants (photographers and crowd of viewers) and interrupt the participants to hold the event.


How to get Horns of Hattin:

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