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“Regnum Hierosolymitanum” group carries out historical re-enactment

of various aspects of material and spiritual culture

of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

and holds events in the format of “living history”.

The main period of reconstruction - the second and third quarter

of the 12th century, before the destruction

of the Kingdom as a result of the disaster at the Battle of Hattin on 1187.


Although the majority of the club members specialize in Frankish population, the interests of the club include all residents of the Kingdom, without distinction of religion, national or social origin.

In addition to traditional crafts,

we are also engaged in the martial arts,

in particular - archery and historical fencing.

The project that was originally carried out by

“Regnum Hierosolymitanum”s members is the reconstruction

of the crusader’s march to Tiberias

and the Battle of Hattin.

We always welcome new participants,

ideas and projects.


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