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Save the Horns of Hattin! Defend the heritage site!

This year, like the year before, historical reenactment of the Battle of Hattin forms a part of the public protest against the destruction of Biblical site that was lucky to stand undisturbed during the last 19 centuries.

article (The Times of Israel)

In January 2015, the employees of State Council for Real Estate Development made a fateful decision to build a new town for 2500 residential units on the fields south to the Horns of Hattin. With a scratch of the pen, they became part of the history and paved their straight road to hell.  The petty bureaucrats with Napoleon complex, they tarnished our society and our country  with disgrace forever.  This decision was made in spite of the enlightened public opinion and the opinion of academic world and professionals, of local citizens and farmers, of history and historical geography admirers. This decision is nothing but political. It reveals moral degradation and the symptoms of terrible disease our society and our state caught recently .

We are more than aware of the housing problem in our country...

However, we recognize other problems as well, like the destruction of historical landscape and thus destruction of our connection to future generations.

We address to the Prime Minister and all the responsible authorities to avoid hasty decision and to find an alternative to build the town. The echo of Eternity must prevail over the party officials, bureaucrats and contractors!

Each and every people or  country live carry the moral imperative to save the global heritage sites under their jurisdiction.

article (Israel Pulse)

We call for those who are still in doubt to join our project and back our protest.Reenactors of other historical periods and role playing movement participants! We call for everyone who can to join us on July 1st and back our action. Arrive dressed and see the last battle of the Kingdom of Jerusalem!

We call for our guests - bring posters and protest messages.

The dozers are coming…

Protest group on Facebook:

Deus vult!


Hail warriors and good people of East and West!


We are calling in for Salah Ad-Din's dime! Talking nowadays, we start a crowdfunding project for the Battle of Hattin reenactment event. Even if you can not join Guy de Lusignan's or Salah Ad-Din's banner, you can still buy yourself off with scutage and consider yourself a part of it! We make the History live! While we're marching the Battle is not finished and its result is unknown.

The Battle of Hattin reenactment. 1187-2022
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