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The Winery

Ziv Boutique Estate Winery is located in the picturesque village of Kfar Kisch, on the border of the Jezreel Valley (the Biblical “Valley of Armageddon”) in Galilee.  Visitors will enjoy tasting excellent wine in the visitors' center decorated with a unique impressive 500 years old door imported from Portugal. This area in Galilee is historically known for the excellent "terrior" and high quality grapes. Hundreds of ancient wine and oil presses have been found carved into the rocks in the surrounding hills. The vineyard and winery are perched at the foot of Mount Tabor (the Biblical “Mount of Transfiguration”). Here are grown and cared for, 2000 vines in the valley, near the ruins of an ancient Canaanite village and its presses. Part of these vines are cultivated organically with sustainable methods such a bio-intensive growth and supplied with 12 hours of classical music every day. They are nurtured with the personal touches of Benji, Gilad, and the community.


The goal and commitment of Ziv Winery is to produce Galilean distinctive and excellent wines. From soft and round fruity wines, to those with more spicy flavors and complex notes. A large variety of wines are grown, for a large variety of wine lovers. To achieve this goal, many different vines were planted. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Petit Syrah, Shiraz, Malbec, Merlot, Tempranillo, Karinian, Marcelan, and Isabella. New techniques with traditional wine making practices are combined to produce just 6,000 bottles a year. These are hand bottled with our personal touch to maintain a supreme quality of wine and ensure each bottle is produced with care and love.



The Winemaker 

Ziv Boutique Estate Winery was founded in 2006 by Benjamin (Benji) Shavit. As a child, he learned the art of wine-making from his father, Joshua, who made and used his wine for religious ceremonies in his home. As Joshua’s high quality wine became popular in the community, what started as a hobby became a small business. With this success, Benji developed a love for wine, people and business, and followed that path into adulthood. He began to work as a tour guide, and now is the owner and chairman of Regina Tours Israel, a successful travel agency in Jerusalem, bringing thousands of Pilgrims to the Holy Land.


In 2003, Benji decided it was time to change his life and fulfill his dreams. He decided to formally study the science of wine-making. He purchased an old estate in the Galilee where he would plant vineyards and build the winery. He would soon discover the roots of his dream ran even deeper then he knew - he learned that his grandfather and his great-grandfather had planted vineyards and made wine in Bobovich, Czechoslovakia (now Ukraine).


Today, Benji and his son Gilad carry on a 100 year tradition of wine-making in their family. Together, they maintain the Winery in Kfar Kisch.

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